366 days..the leap of leadership and jelly baby moments

   On the first of March, I have been the principal of my new school for one year. Moving from leadership in the voluntary grammar sector into the controlled sector has been a huge leap. I pride myself in the experience that I have acquired in leadership through a number of previous jobs but I don’t […]

Shared Economy РA teaching perspective 

I’ve a lot of very random thoughts at the moment mainly in preparation for niedcamp but I am totally captured by the thought of the concept of shared economy.  For those who have no idea what shared economy is please take a few moment to view The People Who Share website.  I love this whole concept that […]

Toast and Technology

It has been a while since I last blogged so here begins the writing journey once again! Those of you who have met me will know I am a true educational geek. Who proudly loves pedagogy. Since taking up my new post as Principal, it has been challenging to fully start to share my passions […]

Do teachers ever switch off during the holidays?

As many teachers close their registers for another school year and many skip off to far flung places. I wonder how many will completely switch off? The holidays for me is head space time without the demands of parents, pupils and staff. I do love the summer break to get away from it all but […]

Assessment for Learning – Steps to success part 1

Assessment for learning is probably one of my biggest passions in teaching. Giving the children ownership of what they are doing and why they are doing it is of upmost importance in helping them reach their full potential. Some time ago I worked with the BBC to show teachers how I use assessment for learning […]

Noisy Literacy – Providing an environment that encourages talk

As teachers we have a responsibility to provide children with rich opportunities to talk. Tizard and Hughes (1984) state that by the age of 3 or 4 dialogue is as important as physical exploration. So how do we cultivate the best classroom conditions for talk in the early years? Make the classroom environment relaxed and […]

Noisy Literacy – Using digital content to get children reading

Savvy Reading Skills – for not so confident readers My eldest child found the early years of school difficult. He was far from being a confident reader despite my best efforts at home. This was mainly to with a medical issue which was destroying his confidence. As a mummy I was naturally concerned as a […]

Record Breaking Comprehension – Officially Amazing – a must for KS2

I have been on a search for a decent primary level comprehension book for quite some time. As an educator, I am looking for publications that will further develop comprehension skills. There are three types of comprehension skills: 1. Pre-reading i.e. Pre-view/ Overview Web/ Brainstorm/ KWL 2. During reading i.e. Paragraph Re-Read/ Read and Pause/ […]