Magnetic letters on a mobile device

If your fridge has the lovely plastic magnetic letters on it. It is likely you will be glad to see this app…. Wooords. A very simple concept that will improve spelling and encourage children to experiment with words. There are three sections to choose from classic being our family favourite. You have a target letter […]

Noisy Literacy – Using digital content to get children reading

Savvy Reading Skills – for not so confident readers My eldest child found the early years of school difficult. He was far from being a confident reader despite my best efforts at home. This was mainly to with a medical issue which was destroying his confidence. As a mummy I was naturally concerned as a […]

Twinkl Twinkl little teacher

How many times have I thought it would be great if there were 25 hours in a day or 8 days in a week? Millions of times, I can tell you. Most teachers spend hours making and producing resources for their classroom. For those savvy teachers who are like me and don’t have time to […]

Quality Time – Easter in Belfast

As a working mother, I occasionally get a dose of the guilts about not spending time with my children. During the school holidays and at weekends, I try to spend quality time with them but at times they appear to have a better social life than me. This Easter a number of their friends have […]

Minecraft and Mathematics – STEM

Life for the average eight year old has changed, a new world has opened up…MINECRAFT. Every evening around teatime, I have the joy of my son playing this game on the xbox with three of his friends from school. Now they don’t come round to play but meet up in a game world from the […]

Noisy Literacy – Learning to read

“Babies are born with the instinct to speak, the way spiders are born with the instinct to spin webs. You don’t need to train babies to speak; they just do. But reading is different.” — Steven Pinker As a mummy who teaches here are some of my tips to assist you when your child is […]

Bored? Not on my watch… Ideas to develop creativity

We’ve all said it as children I’m bored My children say it too despite the house being filled with toys and technology. As I read the BBC website the findings of Dr Belton, I was delighted to see that being bored develops and nurtures creativity. The academic, who has previously studied the impact of television […]

World Poetry Day – A Poetry App for all ages

If you do one thing with your child today…read them a poem! It is World Poetry Day after all. I love poetry and I love the if app. A little pricy but well worth £2.99 in my opinion and 10% of the sales of the iF Poems App goes to help the work of Save […]

Mr Thorne will cast a spell on you

At school, I dreaded spelling tests. The fact that the teacher normally waited until Friday to test them meant that I spent most of my week dreading Fridays too. Parents and teachers dread no more.. Mr Thorne is here to save the day. Now there is a lot to be said for developers who produce […]

Record Breaking Comprehension – Officially Amazing – a must for KS2

I have been on a search for a decent primary level comprehension book for quite some time. As an educator, I am looking for publications that will further develop comprehension skills. There are three types of comprehension skills: 1. Pre-reading i.e. Pre-view/ Overview Web/ Brainstorm/ KWL 2. During reading i.e. Paragraph Re-Read/ Read and Pause/ […]