Number Bonds against the clock

Gurgle apps have developed a great numeracy app. As parents they realised that few apps assisted with the teaching of number bonds. So they decided to create one. Gurgle Numbers for iPad is a fun Maths game that will quickly help teach your children basic Maths skills including their Number Bonds It certainly does what […]

Times Tables

I believe that one of the most important tools for unlocking Mathematics is knowledge of times tables. Children need to embed these facts in their memory in order to grasp multiplication and division correctly. There are numerous ways parents and teachers can impart this crucial knowledge. Sing with them: Cambridge English Online Ltd. – You […]

Mother’s Day make her hAPPy

Mothers day is very special for me. I have a wonderful mum and I love the opportunity to treat her but as the years have gone on there is very little she needs and she hates me spending money on foolish things. At Christmas, she got an iPad mini mainly to FaceTime me and the […]