Share the magic #edufestni

As a child, I was always fascinated by magicians. I remember a birthday party where one lovely gentleman arrived at my house. Much to my delight he pulled a real bunny out of a hat, found coins behind my ears and guessed my chosen card. I really did fancy myself as a magican so I […]

Compassion beyond the classroom…

When we become teachers, we have no idea of the journey that our classroom practice will take us on.  On Wednesday, a close friend informed me that a parent of a child in her Year 3 class had died.  She felt heartbroken for her pupil, sadness for his family and loss, a personal sense of […]

The Balcony View of School Leadership… Get off the dance floor

    The Balcony View is not a new concept in leadership. It is well documented that the balcony allows leaders to observe and take a strategic overview of what is going on.  The work of Heifetz. R and Linksy. M in their book Leadership on the Line encourage leaders to get on the balcony and […]

366 days..the leap of leadership and jelly baby moments

   On the first of March, I have been the principal of my new school for one year. Moving from leadership in the voluntary grammar sector into the controlled sector has been a huge leap. I pride myself in the experience that I have acquired in leadership through a number of previous jobs but I don’t […]

Let’s give our pupils a campaign to stop the drill…

I’m not normally so clued into environmental issues butI would like to encourage all those schools with an Eco Club should support the Stop the Drill campaign at Woodburn, Carrickfergus.  Woodburn is a beautiful forest with a huge reservoir that has spectacular views over Carrick and Belfast. It provides water for homes, schools and businesses […]

We could be heroes #magicweaving 

A member of my staff was visibly upset last week by death of David Bowie and this week by the guitarist, Glenn Frey of the well known American band the Eagles.  Being a child of the 80s, I have vague recollections of David Bowie’s interesting attire on Top of the Pops and a rumour of […]

Stepping Stones Unconference #nieyfs 

   After a quick coffee with the lovely @pamelalamela. We decided that a huge area of continuing professional development opportunities were focused on the upper school years.  Nursery and Foundation stage teachers were often neglected in training or had a small slice of the stage at Teachmeets. So alas without even thinking too hard we […]

The New Year Hangover

You may have woke up this morning trying to piece together the night before. Your head my hurt and you may feel a slight sickness doing the rumba in your stomach occasionally becoming like volcanic ash in your mouth.    I was driving last night…physically I felt fine…but my mind told me different…when I awoke […]

The 2015 NI Education Review 

As I get ready for a New Year, I thought I’d reflect on 2015. 2015 in some ways will be remembered as the year of hard knocks. Tough decisions were taken by DE due to belt tightening at the Department of Finance. At the beginning of April, the new Education Authority was born. The EA […]