Well-Being for Teachers

We need to learn to focus on ourselves before focusing on the needs of our pupils. Teaching is demanding. Everyday we need to present the best version of ourselves to ensure we get the best from our pupils. The biggest mistake many of us make is to think that school won’t survive without us… so we drag ourselves in to stand bedraggled before a class. The Principal maybe grateful for your efforts but the reality is the children suffer when you aren’t up to the job. The often regarded phrase about fitting your own gas mask first is something we need to recall on the mornings we are feeling ill. We need to look after ourselves to enable better learning for the children. Whether you are physically or emotionally unwell you need to remember you aren’t helping anyone by being in school. The best schools recognise that the teachers are the best resource to increase outcomes and they do some innovative things to protect them. Some schools now offer well-being days, yoga and flu jabs to enable staff to keep well. Some have well-being policies and initiatives to encourage staff remain healthy. Many organisations also use Twinkl’s well-being framework or Leeds Beckett Mental Health award to sharpen thinking around staff well-being.