The Shazam Style of School Leadership

The Shazam Style of School Leadership

Have you ever heard a speaker, wrote something down and implemented the suggested practice?

You have? You are an educational shazamer!

Shazam is a well known music app. It is widely used to find the names of songs and artists. For my talk for @EduFestNI. I decided that I would use this concept of Shazam to describe leadership styles.

You see for me leadership and learning, go hand in hand.

You need to understand pedagogy and keep up to date with it. You need to draw from the leadership experience of others and Shazam the good stuff. When you Shazam the right song you can fill the dance floor and sometimes get people moving without realising it.

As a teacher nothing made me happier than walking into a colleague’s classroom and seeing a good idea. I enjoyed reading Blogs, Twitter and Pinterest to see wall displays, hear new innovative practice and Shazam ideas.

As with Leadership you need to Shazam you need to keep abreast of what is happening in other schools locally and globally. It refreshes you and most of all it gives a feeling of reassurance that you are heading in the right direction.

During my talk, I talked about leadership styles and much more. I recommended several books to Shazam.  Most are fairly publications new but great thought provoking reads for teachers and school leaders.

These are:

The Best Job in the World – Vic Goddard

The art of standing out – Andrew Morrish

The Five Love Languages – Appreciation in the work place – Gary Chapman (A further blog post on Five Love Languages will follow in the Autumn)

Confident Teacher – Alex Quigley

Leadership matters – Andy Buck

Headstrong – Dame Sally Coates

As a school leader it is easy to get caught up in the everyday events of school and be so busy developing others you forget about your own professional development – so recharge and enjoy the music of other schools and leadership experience every and now again.

So before term starts, SHAZAM to develop your teaching or your leadership. You will be richer for it.





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