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As a child, I was always fascinated by magicians. I remember a birthday party where one lovely gentleman arrived at my house. Much to my delight he pulled a real bunny out of a hat, found coins behind my ears and guessed my chosen card.

I really did fancy myself as a magican so I practiced daily on pretty much anyone who would let me.  I’ve never forgotten the joy that card tricks brought me. I think I lost days shuffling cards and hiding them up my sleeve. Perhaps I was no Houdini but I loved the showmanship.  

Despite enjoying my playful experience, my father broke the news that I was no Paul Daniels at the tender age of nine. He told me it was time to focus my energies into something else. So I started playing schools….

A while back, I read Sir John Jones book “The Magic Weaving Business” I realised my aspirations to be a magician had actually been realised albeit slightly differently than originally imagined.

If you look up the definition of a magican you will find it is

a person with exceptional skill in a particular area

As teachers we all develop exceptional skills in such a wide range of areas. As our experience grows, we continue to practice our craft. We reflect on it. We refine the tricks to further engage and motivate our pupils. 

In Northern Ireland, I see, I hear and I am aware of exceptional teaching across all sectors and phases. As one of the organisers for EduFestNI I want to encourage you to share your magic. 

Teachers believe in your talents, share your good practice and sign up to present at EduFestNI. You can lead a session or sign up for our TeachMeet or simply come along and network with your ideas. 

Whether you come to the event on 16 August to learn some classroom tricks or you decide present and share some. You are a magic weaver and now it’s time to share your magic.

Go on #sharethemagic at EduFestNI 

I promise that the impact on our young people in Northern Ireland will be truly magical. 

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