Back to school blues?…Surely not! You are a change maker, a nation builder … You are a teacher!

On Wednesday, our pupils returned and  whilst I stood in front of them in assembly I couldn’t help thinking how blessed I am to be a teacher. 

As our first assembly started, the pupils all filed in, they sat in rows, wearing their smart new uniforms, I stood up and actually found myself feeling quite emotional. You may think this sounds slightly gushy but standing in front of them renewed my commitment to do the very best for them. As they all waited for me to speak, their smiling eyes reminded me that with teaching and with headship comes with much responsibility. 

The powers that be trust me to to care, nurture and educate them but more than that, they want me to do my upmost to ensure my pupils fulfil their potential.  

As a started to speak and reinforce the school values, I realised once again, that they trust me too. 

So whether your a school leader, a teacher or a teaching assistant…

Remember… Our young people need you to be the best you can be in the classroom, to come ready to make every day count. For some you, you will be a role model, the whisper of encouragement and the builder of self esteem. 

You have the power to make every young person feel like they matter. You have scope to develop dispositions that can change the world. 

So don’t have the back to school blues… Think positivity about the impact you can make as you shape the thinking and attitudes of the young minds who will, in the future, lead our society. 

Be a change maker… be a nation builder… Let’s make a difference this new school year.

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