Hero or Hero Maker 

An extract from my #niedcamp keynote … I said a whole lot more but I’ll skip to the good bits.    Photo courtesy of Alistair Hamill  It has been a long standing joke that I wear my pants over my trousers, like many superheroes gone before me. To be honest initially I enjoyed the compliment until […]

Be the Nation Builders – teachers matter #niedcamp

A few people asked me to type up what I said when I opened @niedcamp on Tuesday 18 August.   I’ve left my initial introductions, thanks and the boring housekeeping bits out. Photo courtesy of Alistair Hamill I believe you are the change makers in Education. Our tag line for #niedcamp was one day to make […]

Shared Economy РA teaching perspective 

I’ve a lot of very random thoughts at the moment mainly in preparation for niedcamp but I am totally captured by the thought of the concept of shared economy.  For those who have no idea what shared economy is please take a few moment to view The People Who Share website.  I love this whole concept that […]