Winding down yet? 

Winding down yet? 

We all love the mad rush of the end of the school year. Not!!

I hate people (mainly non school staff) who ask this question as if all we do is sit with our feet up in school from mid May and go home each night writing endless lists of what we will pack for our holidays.

This year, the end of term was extremely busy. For me it was one of hastily writing school development plans and analysing data in preparation of the next school year. 

I sat down and planned my school development days and cried several times at my school budget that appears to deplete on the whimsical decision of the higher educational powers. It isn’t a winding down time of year, if anything thing it’s time for educationalists to get wound up!

The annual clear out of schoolwork begins, the annual pupil report goes out to parents and then there is the summer maintenance plan that needs to be drawn up (this was pretty easy this year as no one had any money to do any school enhancement!)

Then my particular passion – self evaluation – what new school development plan or action plan can be without self evaluation – qualititative and quantitive data. ( did help me out with my questionnaires this year, which did save quite a bit of my time)

At the end of the summer term, I probably have generated more paper than most schools use in a year. As I am ultimately accountable for the day to day running of the school and the budget – my desk by the end of term resembled a swamp of paper which no one dared to touch for fear they too would get lost in it.

They say busy people get things done -busy teachers and school leaders always have much to do. The list seems endless.

The promise of a few weeks off, may well be the carrot for some of us but it’s very difficult to have a tidy desk at the end of term. My biggest issue is I’m never fully content. I always want to strive for more. 

Prompted by @urban_teacher there are a few rules we should all apply to this hectic time of year: 

I think I may have to print this out for my office… and enlarge!! 
It is a real challenge to switch off and balance all that life throws at you

This is why I feel teaching is a vocation unlike any other. We never really fully unwind…but I am trying to… I promise.

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  1. I find it very frustrating that my non-teacher friends make flippant comments about how easy I have it (esp. with all the holidays). I have been away from my school building for 17 days now and I’ve probably worked just as hard as I would at school. My daughter is 16 now so she doesn’t want to hang out with her mum a lot, my friends and family are mostly at work during the day – so I’ve been filling my time with planning for next year’s class and researching for my 4000 word assignment I have to do. I also need to print out urban teacher’s tip! Good luck in winding down, resting, recharging and reading!!
    Nichola (@carrutherssocks)

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