Noisy Literacy – Using digital content to get children reading

Savvy Reading Skills – for not so confident readers

My eldest child found the early years of school difficult. He was far from being a confident reader despite my best efforts at home. This was mainly to with a medical issue which was destroying his confidence.

As a mummy I was naturally concerned as a teacher I was pretty horrified that more wasn’t being done in school to support his reading skills. So I went back to the drawing board and tried to find ways to inspire him to read.

Reading is part of everyday life in so many ways, especially when we keep in mind that so much of what we do is focused on digital content – which involves extensive reading.

Noticing my child’s love of gaming we decided to change our approach. We moved away from paper based story books and started to use ebooks and digital content to get him motivated.

Some tips for using the Internet as a reading tool for less confident readers.

1. Get your children using search engines to find out information and then encourage them to share their findings with you. Be warned Some content may not be of a good quality. Teach your children to be selective in what they read. Many research style home learning tasks are often result in cut and copy type exercises. As a teacher it saddens me to see this. Children need support to help develop these evaluative skills, teachers and parents need to nurture these.

2. Choose books that can be downloaded with audio onto a digital device. This will assist with word recognition and encourage them to read with expression.

3. Get them to create their own audio using Audioboo. Children who don’t like reading aloud can grow in confidence with practice.

4. Find suitable articles or reviews about games, sport or whatever they are interested in for them to read or for you to read to them.

5. Download the overdrive app to have access to the ebook library and let them pick their ebooks. In school teachers teaching guided reading are working through a scheme and don’t then to veer off it.

There are plenty of ebooks and audiobooks to borrow for your device, the best bit is the are free but you do need a regular library card to sign in.

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