Mr Thorne will cast a spell on you

At school, I dreaded spelling tests. The fact that the teacher normally waited until Friday to test them meant that I spent most of my week dreading Fridays too.

Parents and teachers dread no more..

Mr Thorne is here to save the day.

Now there is a lot to be said for developers who produce educational applications but I’m very impressed when a teacher produces one.


Mr Thorne has been producing sound educational materials for some time. His phonic work on utube is something no early years teacher should ignore. Geraldine the Giraffe is a bit of a hit in my house.

Over the past year or so, Mr Thorne has furthered his phonic work and produced applications to assist with the teaching of spelling. His Spell Book is available for iPad and iPhone.

Mr Thorne’s Spell Book contains over 100 spelling quizzes. The player is encouraged to listen to the word and spell the word correctly.


The three spell books allow the user to work at their level and it is ideal in the classroom situation for differentiation.

They contain quizzes on single sounds, vowel combinations and blends. He also has incorporated high frequency words that don’t follow conventions, I think this is brilliant feature.

The app is addictive as children are challenged to fill the museum with artefacts. If the user successfully completes a quiz gaining 10/10 they get an item to place in the museum.

My children found gaining a treasure a great reward for full marks in the quiz and it encouraged them to try another quiz.


Many educational app developers don’t understand classroom dynamics however Mr Thorne has produced this app which develops both listening and spelling skills. He has sound pedagogical understanding and uses the phonological sequence in a bid to embed sound spelling skills.

Personally I’m a big fan and I can’t wait for the Key Stage Two version to be released!

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  1. My students and myself love the app. It helps them get a grasp of their phonics and they love Ira when they get 10/10. Unfortunately on some occasions it says they spelt a word wrong when they haven’t. Please can you fix this issue.



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