Noisy Literacy – Part one Reading with your child

Reading books with your children

As a busy mum of three getting time to hear the reading sent home from school can be difficult never mind actually sitting down to tell them a story. As a teacher, I cannot stress enough the impact that taking five minutes to do it can have.

Children need good role models in all aspects of life but imparting a love of reading is one of the best gifts you will give your son or daughter.

The introduction of the Kindle and iBooks has been great for me as a reader. I can take a bulky book everywhere by just lifting my phone or tablet.

My eldest boy has also been keen to download books to read. The top ten ebooks for children are aimed at older children. My five year old and baby still enjoy good old paper books but even they are starting to be interested in ebooks.

Noisy reading
Recently, I have found more iBooks or apps with audio. These are beautifully illustrated and highly engaging like regular books but they also provide children with an interactive option.

Igloo books have a wide range of traditional stories to download (Cinderella is currently free!). Children can listen to the story through the audio option. My daughter loves these books and she can nearly retell the whole story word for word.

She also loves the nursery rhyme books that are available as an app and iBook. Our favourite range is authored by Mandy Stanley for HarperCollins and available through iBook store. Beautiful illustrations and soothing lullabies are in abundance in these ebooks. Perfect for a quick read before bed.

The good thing with nursery rhymes is that the more you read the more etched in their memory they will be. There is a lot to be said for onset and rhyme!


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