Times Tables

I believe that one of the most important tools for unlocking Mathematics is knowledge of times tables.

Children need to embed these facts in their memory in order to grasp multiplication and division correctly.

There are numerous ways parents and teachers can impart this crucial knowledge.

Sing with them:

Cambridge English Online Ltd. – You can download their app for free until Friday.
Math Songs: 7x-12x : http://goo.gl/2PdP3
Maths Songs: 7x-12x : http://goo.gl/7Zr50
(Maths for UK, Aus & NZ; Math for RoW)

Let them practice
@keystagefun have a lovely app which is called Times Tables: Squeebles multiplication. Children have to answer times tables questions to rescue Squeebles from the Maths Monster. I really like the fact that I can play against my child. My children love the challenge and of course I let them win sometimes!

There are thousands of free apps that reinforce this concept but I think this one is ideal for group work or parents at home. It is worth the cost. You can have up to four players on this one app.

Communicate and spend quality time with your child
*Go over them and over them and over them!
*Count out sets – we use Lego for this at home – two sets of two yellow bricks equals four yellow bricks altogether
*Ask them questions where they have to use their knowledge in real life situations.
*Write tricky tables down and stick them where they will see it. Teachers Pet has loads of eye catching resources that will engage your children.

Remember all children learn differently and you should teach them in the way that best suits their learning style.

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